Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH

Partner Overview

Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH acts as a Technology Partner in the area of CAE integration in the design process. Highly experienced in the application of Siemens NX-CAE products our engineers perform analysis projects as well as consultancies/trainings/support for all kinds of NX Simulation. In partnership to different universities Dr. Binde Ingenieure develops and sells an NX integrated FEM solver called "MAGNETICS for NX" that enables performing electromagnetic analysis tasks inside NX.

Solutions Overview


"MAGNETICS for NX": Electromagnetic FEM solver, fully integrated in the NX Simulation and Teamcenter environment. The solver allows performing magnetic and electric, static and dynamic analysis tasks.

Services: NX CAE trainings for:

- MKS Motion Simulation (Recurdyne/Adams)
- FEM Simulation for Designers (NX Nastran, NX-Design-Simulation)
- FEM Simulation for Analysts: (NX Nastran, NX-Advanced-Simulation)
-Basic Analysis Skills
-Advanced Nonlinear Analysis with NX/Nastrans Solutions 601/701 (Adina)
-Response Analysis and Dynamic Methods with NX/Nastran
-Analysis of Laminates
- CFD Simulation:
-Fluid-Dynamic Analysis with NX/Flow
-Thermal and Coupled Simulation with CFD
- EMAG Simulation with MAGNETICS for NX
- Simulation-Data-Management (SDM) with Teamcenter for Simulation

The Synergy

Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH fills the gap for electromagnetic analysis inside NX (EMAG). Additionally our highly experienced CAE engineers provide support for sophisticated problems of german customers.

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