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Partner Overview

ICARUS Consulting GmbH is an independent engineering company with experience in the fields of robotics simulation, engineering, system development and robotics programming as well as planning and project management.

Currently ICARUS employs 36 employees.

The company has about 20 years experience in the fields of 3D simulation and the detailed planning and commissioning of new manufacturing plants. Especially the planning of robotic manufacturing processes is one of the core competencies.

In order to work efficiently on the simulation tasks, ICARUS has built up a comprehensive software development department over the last 10 years.

Therefore ICARUS is one of the few suppliers worldwide who has knowledge about comprehensive programming of the robotics simulation tools as well as the simulation software itself.

In addition to offline programming the company supports its customers in the design, analysis, simulation and optimization of manufacturing processes.

Solutions Overview

DOP Shopfloor and Office /OLP

The DOP system provides a link between product planning, offline programming and production. One of the major issues today is the missing connection on the way back from the production to the OLP side. This lack consistency will be closed due to DOP.

Any part of the software is an add on of Process Simulate.

DOP Shopfloor provides a toolbar that guides the shopfloor worker through the process of optimizing his robot programs. The toolbar contains consolidated and easy to use functions for up- and downloading robot programs, adding and optimizing locations / robot points and validating the changes before they effect the robot/the production, everything independant of the used robot type. The modified robot program will be transferred into the production without any line stops and without any reduce of production speed.

Short overview about the functions: - Support for finding the correct robot program in the operation structure for uploading from the real robot

- Displaying only the needed data in the Graphic Viewer and filling other viewers - Adding locations with correct parameters - Optimizing locations only in useful limits - Visualizing seam geometries with the simulation - Checking robot programs text-based by a difference higlighted comparison - Downloading the optimised program back to the correct robot

DOP Office / OLP provides tools that support the offline programmer in his daily work. The toolset supports the offline programmer in organizing, handling and configuring the data he needs to work with. On the other hand functions are offered to the offline programmer, with which he can adapt locations / robot points in various ways, thereby optimizing the quality of his robot programs.

Short overview about the functions: - Up- and Download with automated corrections

- Manipulating all locations with a single tool - View seam geometries in simulation and export geometries with additional information - Smooth robot movement by adjusting locations automatically (- Enhanced eMS Update features) - Define operation visibility for shopfloor users (KeyUser) - Define cad data visibility for the automated upload of robotic programs (KeyUser)
With DOP the last bridge between process-design, planning and production is build.

The DOP Shopfloor staff can login and change robot paths during production.

DOP is enabling “24/7” production by making optimization during production.

DOP connects the shop floor with the offices so feedback takes place at any time in both directions from planning departments to the production line.

DOP is a common platform for all robot controllers.

Learning curve for DOP shop floor is only 3-4 hours.

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