Siemens Offers Business-ready Cloud Solutions

Siemens cloud solutions offer an array of PLM and other world-class solutions that enable faster time-to-market and increase flexibility enabling organizations to realize innovation faster

Siemens offers three cloud delivery models to best suit the goals and needs of your organization: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), managed services and software as a service (SaaS). Your business needs dictate which cloud solution is right for you. Siemens and its partners fully managing your PLM needs.

World-class PLM delivered on World-class Cloud
Siemens cloud solutions are built using Amazon Web Services (AWS), an industry-recognized leading cloud provider of highly secure and reliable cloud infrastructure for global use. As such you can have full confidence that your PLM applications are fully protected on the cloud.

Focus on Intellectual Property (IP) not Information Technology (IT)
Designed for organizations wanting more involvement in the deployment of their PLM solution, the IaaS delivery method allows you to leverage the world-class AWS cloud infrastructure rather than investing in your own hardware.

You may want to offload many of the non-differentiated IT functions to Siemens, or engage one of Siemens trusted partners to manage your PLM and cloud infrastructure for you. Managed Services offerings provide a personalized environment that enables you to better leverage solution templates, take advantage of additional functionality, further integrate the solution into your enterprise environment and potentially extend the solution as needed.

Subscribe and Go
Software as a service (SaaS) delivery models allows organizations to do just that. SaaS pricing offers operating or variable expense funds use, so you do not have to wait on capital expense funds. The SaaS model enables faster innovation. Siemens provides preconfigured PLM applications on AWS infrastructure, allowing your organization to focus on your business’s core competencies.


Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery Catalyst on the Cloud

Cloud based Machinery catalyst provides machinery manufacturers with best practices and support for machine design engineering.


Siemens Cloud - Intosite

Cloud-based web application for production facilities information sharing and collaboration.

Managed Computer-aided Design (CAD)

Siemens Cloud - Rapid Start

Create, share and reuse product designs using NX and Solid Edge, managed by Teamcenter Rapid Start.

Product Intelligence

Siemens Cloud - Omneo

Product Intelligence automates insight from product performance data to create actionable intelligence.

Simulation on the Cloud

Siemens Cloud - Simulation

Predict product performance with cost-effective, scalable, and on-demand simulation solutions.

Cloud-enabled Solid Edge

Siemens Cloud - Cloud-enabled Solid Edge

Cloud-enabled design on your terms: easy access to 3D CAD, and the ability to quickly vault and share your design data.

Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Siemens Cloud - Managed computer-aided design (CAD)

Realize innovation with simplified deployment and flexible scalability for lower cost of PLM ownership.

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