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The Digital Enterprise for Process Manufacturers

On-Demand Webinar


Image - Chris Piela   Image - Jeff Everhart

Chris Piela
Portfolio Development Executive
Siemens PLM Software

Jeff Everhart
Presales Solution Consultant
Siemens PLM Software

- Reduce Time to Market
- Accelerate New Product Introduction
- Increase Product Quality
- Reduce Corporate Risk 

These are the challenges we face in business today. In many cases, these concurrent challenges can seem almost like the Gordian Knot, becoming even tighter as we attempt to loosen a cord. 

This Siemens webinar will demonstrate the foundation solution of the Siemens Digital Enterprise for Process Manufacturers. This solution supports our clients in their ability to address these challenges in a unified manner; eliminating bottlenecks and providing an integrated platform where information is readily available to all stakeholders allowing critical business decisions to be accurately made. 

The discussion will focus on the New Product Development process and address how the Siemens Digital Enterprise platform can accelerate formulation design and management, support supplier collaboration through secure portals, and reduce time to market through a tightly integrated laboratory management system. We will demonstrate how this integrated solution will support the ability to achieve quality objectives while concurrently reducing corporate risk.

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