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Introducing Symbolica, a new product for high-end engineering mathematics

Join us for a free webinar that will help current NX CAD experts, analysts, designers, managers, and prospective customers learn about a Siemens solution called Symbolica. This webinar will help you understand the power of the math engine behind Symbolica independently, and how it can be integrated with NX CAD.

Symbolica has the world-class Maple engine, with additional features. It delivers a broad suite of math and analysis tools in an interface that scales easily from quick design calculations to full application development. From the world's most robust math engine and live design documentation, to CAD connectivity and code generation, Symbolica supports all stages of the design lifecycle. No other product on the market can provide the same computational power, mathematical breadth and depth, mathematically-aware programming language, application creation tools and connectivity options, all integrated into a highly intuitive technical document environment.

Symbolica provides a huge value for designers and engineers in the following aspects:

  • Ability to integrate engineering calculations and relationships to NX CAD objects.
  • Perform and document simple or complex engineering calculations, including units, in a format that is easily understandable by all engineers and analysts.
  • Bi-directional process flow between math equations and NX CAD.
  • Manage math worksheets, equations and provide a platform for managing different variants of worksheets effectively within the enterprise.

Demonstrations and practical examples will be provided throughout this webinar to support the discussions. We look forward to presenting Symbolica at this informative event.

Symbolica for high-end engineering mathematics

Symbolica for high-end engineering mathematics

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