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Optimize Design Collaboration with CAD Data Management

Managing Complexity with Solid Edge Design Management

Learn about the latest industrial trends, and their implications on your business

Do you have a data management platform where your team and suppliers can collaborate, allowing you agile design changes while maintaining your release deadlines? It's never been easier than right now to find, re-use and share accurate CAD data. Make smarter decisions and build better products while eliminating delays in your design processes. Find out how to leverage product data management in your product lifecycle management environment and how it can eliminate costly errors and delays. In a half hour we’ll cover essential PDM capabilities that streamline your design release process and become your competitive advantage. We’ll cover these key benefits and more:

  • Seamless sharing of data from multiple sources
  • Elimination of rework caused by confusion about product status
  • Easy to find and reuse design data – stop recreating it
  • Lightweight, accurate 3-D visualization and collaboration
  • On-time project completion without the last minute scramble to get things done

We'll also cover some PDM implementation strategies to help you get up and running quickly and cost-effectively, including using the Cloud for a secure, scalable, agile platform that increases productivity. In addition, we'll show an example of how Solid Edge integrates seamlessly with a PDM solution.

Seamlessly share accurate CAD data, eliminate errors, and accelerate your design release.

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