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Explore how a new generation of quality solutions are crucial to accelerate time to market while increasing product quality and compliance requirements

QMS Webinar Series

Automotive & Vehicle Suppliers as well as Heavy Equipment & Industrial Machinery manufacturers face a number of key challenges to meet the ever increasing quality demands of their customers. 

Current quality systems architecture is plagued by major sources of inefficiency, including disparate and disconnected data sources, the inability to measure quality metrics effectively and  a lack of standard processes which can be used across a manufacturing enterprise. 

Attend this webinar series to learn how Siemens enterprise quality solutions can enable your organization to accelerate time to market and increase product quality, while meeting strict compliance requirements. 

You will learn how Siemens fully integrated quality solutions can transform quality across your enterprise, allowing you to benefit from:

  • Standardized quality management processes across your entire organization
  • Optimization of quality across the complete product lifecycle
  • Reduction of costs, including less rework, inspections, nonconformance, warranty cost, customer complaints and cycle time
  • Closed loop quality processes with full traceability

Webinar 1 – On-demand
Managing the Impact of Embedded Technologies on the New Product Introduction Process

The vast majority of companies are introducing new products into a voracious market using tools and paradigms that predate the digital age by decades. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Failure Effects Modes Analysis (FMEA) are more important than ever but can fall short in assuring quality and effectively identifying and mitigating risk associated with new product introduction.
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Webinar 2 – On-demand
IATF 16949:2016: A Pragmatic Overview for Automotive & Vehicle Suppliers

This webinar will be led by quality and compliance professionals with decades of experience in helping companies navigate, understand and comply with these requirements.
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Webinar 3 – On-demand
Understanding and Addressing Quality Challenges in the Heavy Equipment & Industrial Machinery Industries: How a Closed Loop Quality System Approach can improve product quality and accelerate time to market

The heavy equipment industry is introducing smarter more automated products at a rapid pace to meet market demands. Robotics and embedded technologies have become an integral part of specialty equipment for material handling, construction, mining and agricultural applications. A closed loop quality approach to new product introduction and manufacturing can speed time to market while maintaining fidelity to quality and compliance requirements.
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Webinar 4 – On-demand
Strategies and Tools for Managing Product Recall Requirements in Regulated Industries

This webinar will focus on tools and approaches that will provide assurance that recall activities and failure analysis assessment and decision making can be both accurate and agile. The presenter will discuss how important traceability and genealogy is in a potential recall situation. The focus will be on tools that can reduce the time and effort involved in forensic recall activities .Time and evidence are crucial in these situations.
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