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What can the foods industry do to meet the rapidly changing market demands?

Food and beverage manufacturers arguably have the most demanding production environments compared to other forms of manufacturing: ingredients with expiry dates, product mix and volume fluctuations, varying wait times between operations, availability of reusable assets, allergen/kosher/halal concerns, and regulatory issues on certification. Off the factory floor, food and beverage manufacturers face volatile raw material costs, greater profit pressures as private label products are no longer focused strictly on price but have raised the game on quality, and constantly changing customers tastes further complicates the equation for success in food and beverage.

The digitization of the foods industry has created a wealth of data to satisfy the regulatory interests, setting the stage for the next step of the digital transformation of the industry. Manual methods must give way to better exploitation of information through sophisticated application to create the digital enterprise that creates a unified product life cycle environments encompassing new product development, manufacturing execution, and customer service. A field-proven entry into the digital enterprise is to replace home-grown or Excel-based scheduling solutions with an advanced scheduling application.

About the Presenters:

Greg Quinn, CEO – Quinn & Associates
Mr. Greg Quinn is the CEO of Quinn & Associates Inc., delivering planning and scheduling solutions for manufacturers and service providers a wide variety of verticals. These verticals include aerospace & defense, printing, metals, foods, packaging, plastics, electronics, pharmaceutical, and apparel. Mr. Quinn has nearly 40 years’ experience in delivering solutions for improved resource management and predictive analysis. Mr. Quinn has a B.S. in Mathematics and a dual M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Quinn has published and lectures in the areas of resource management software, information systems, and project management, including several chapters to a recent book Finite Capacity Scheduling: Optimizing a Constrained Supply Chain.

Fraser Bonnett, President – Quinn & Associates
Fraser Bonnett is the President of Quinn & Associates and Director of the Preactor Business Unit. He has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. Before founding Quinn & Associates, he sent 10 years consulting with the US Air Force. His advanced scheduling experience includes glass, pharmaceuticals, food, secondary metals, and paper industries. He is also a specialist integrating Preactor with MRP/ERP and MES systems.

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