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Join Us on June 26, 27 and/or 28!

June 26-28, 2018 Houston Simulation/Test Seminar Series

We invite you to learn more about our Simcenter solutions at one of the following seminars to be held at the Siemens office location:

15375 Memorial Drive
Suite 700
Houston, TX 77079

June 26, 2018 Seminar: Hydraulic components and systems model-based engineering with Simcenter Amesim

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Hydraulic component and system manufacturers face multiple engineering challenges such as increasingly stringent customer requirements, drastically reduced development costs and time-to-market.

Thus, pump and valve producers for various applications - Energy, Oil & Gas, Refining, Industrial Machinery, etc. - aim to optimize the dynamic behavior of hydraulic components while reducing physical prototyping to its strict necessity.

The model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach based on the use of Simcenter Amesim software from Siemens PLM Software enables you to limit internal leakages and solve noise and vibration issues when designing pumps. Moreover, it helps you find out the best tradeoff between valve stability and performance by accurately simulating fluid power modulation and response time. Finally, the MBSE approach allows you to ensure dynamic integrity of the entire hydraulic system while reducing energy consumption.

Siemens PLM Software cordially invites you to join an informative day covering the hydraulic components and systems model-based engineering with Simcenter Amesim.

June 27, 2018 Seminar: Rotating Machinery Dynamics

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Siemens PLM cordially invites you for an informative and educational day covering the process and best practices for predicting and optimizing rotating machinery dynamics.

This seminar can help you answer questions like:

  • What is an order? How does it get measured?
  • What is torsional vibration? What type of problems does it cause and how can they be solved?
  • How can viewing data in the angle domain, rather than time domain, give me insight into problems?
  • What kinds of unique problems do gears and bearings have? How can they be analyzed and solved?
  • What unique frequency signatures are generated by electric motors?
  • What issues do hydraulic pumps show?

In this seminar, both simulation and test methods will be presented in an interactive, side-by-side format.

June 28, 2018 Seminar: Simulation to solve changing technology demands of refining & Petrochemical industry

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Refining and petrochemical industry is undergoing tremendous change. On one hand, influx of cheap Shale gas demands fuel flexibility of combustion processes in crackers while on the other hand crudes are becoming heavier but requirements on sulfur content in fuels is becoming more stringent to meet pollution control regulations. All of this results in the demand of cutting edge technology that can meet the needs and reduce cost of production at the same time.

In this workshop, we are going to focus on the common challenges faced by the refining and petrochemical industry. These include:

  • Heater in Naphtha cracking
  • Optimization of Burners and heaters in crude refining
  • Steam Methane reforming
  • Catalyst characterization in packed bed reactors

Who should attend?

  • Engineers from EPC, operators, refiners, petrochemical complexes, industrial gases producers, who would like to learn how fluid dynamics (CFD) and particle flow (DEM) simulation can be deployed to improve and optimize processes.
  • Engineering managers who would like to expand their technical offering to business units in meeting market demands.
  • CFD and simulation engineers who would like to learn the advantages of STAR-CCM+ in design space exploration and optimization

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