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Introducing NX Maple

Optical surfaces, cam profiles and airfoils are examples of surfaces and solids that are often most easily defined using mathematical equations. NX’s Convergent Modeling combined with NX Maple enables equation-driven geometry created to be associatively incorporated into your design. The sky is the limit, NX Maple can easily handle the advanced Math you need to define your geometry, you control smoothness and resolution in NX and you manage your intellectual property in Teamcenter.

Calculations to size a design to meet performance targets can happen long before any CAD geometry is created. As your design evolves, critical parameters change or can be changed by other design elements. Connecting your design geometry to your engineering knowledge helps ensure design consistency based on engineering best practices

NX Maple is a powerful tool that simplifies your ability to integrate and access advanced math inside your design.

  • NX and NX Maple can easily exchange variables that are defined with algebraic functions, differential and integral calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and much more.
  • These variables can either associatively link a design with its driving calculations, or to extract properties from the NX model for use in further calculations in NX Maple.
  • Either way, the intellectual property defined by NX Maple worksheets can easily remain managed within Teamcenter.

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