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2017 Quadfecta: Engineer Better Products with Simulation & Test event

Thank you for choosing to join us at the 2017 Quadfecta: Engineer Better Products with Simulation & Test event.

Feel free to sign up for one, or more days.

We know you are busy, so choose how much of it you wish to spend enjoying:

  • Free engineering seminars full of feature rich engineering content
  • Free Breakfast and Lunch, beverages and snacks
  • Free Entertainment
  • Free sponsor presentations
  • Free access to many ( I mean a lot of) subject matter experts in multiple engineering domains and disciplines covering the whole Simcenter Simulation and Test portfolio

Quadfecta 2017 is the place to be!

Tuesday, August 15th - View Full Agenda

Fundamentals of Rotating Machinery

Understand rotating machinery dynamics: orders, torsionals, imbalance correction, angle domain analysis, and more…

Digital Data Acquisition and Signal Processing
Sampling rates? Windows? Leakage? No problem! Learn how to take meaningful and correct digital data in any situation.

Simulation best practices, composites and nonlinear analysis
Design and manufacturing of products is becoming more challenging! Learn how to concurrently design products while balancing multiple engineering attributes in a single environment. Take advantage of lightweight, high strength composites. Understand the non-linear behavior of your product.

Simulation driven design
Waiting for CAD before performing a simulation? Switch paradigms! Simulation should drive design choices, not vice versa. In this seminar, learn how to integrate analysis upfront in the design process.

Wednesday, August 16th - View Full Agenda

Fundamentals of Durability and Fatigue

Engineer fatigue tolerant parts, gain insight into your loading environment, accelerate your durability validation, and see new approaches for spot and weld fatigue

Transfer Path Analysis
Troubleshooting complex noise and vibration issues requires a systematic source-path-receiver approach: load identification techniques, Q-sources measurements and time domain analysis.

Model-Based Systems Engineering
Best practices in model based control system design: from controller testing and calibration, test case generation, to effectively using HIL, SIL and MIL.

Simcenter 3D hands-on workshop
Get the Simcenter 3D hands-on experience with motion, acoustics, and structures.

Thursday, August 17th - View Full Agenda

Fundamentals of Sound Engineering

The whole world of sound: from decibels, octaves and weighting, advanced sound quality metrics, to the latest troubleshooting acoustic techniques!

Modal Analysis and Correlation
How can you ensure that your structural FEA models reflect reality? Learn the ins and outs of experimental modal analysis and correlation – from best tips for impact hammers, to Polymax curvefitter, to the Modal Assurance Criterion.

Using Plant Modeling to Shorten Product Development Vehicle Subsystems
Deliver optimal system performance against other key design requirements such as performance, comfort, efficiency and fuel economy early on in the design/conceptual phase thru final design.

Simcenter 3D hands-on workshop
Get the Simcenter 3D hands-on experience with motion, acoustics, and structures.

Friday, August 18th - View Full Agenda

Fundamentals of Modern Driving Dynamics

Learn the latest in vehicle development for handling and ride performance. Be exposed to leading edge technologies for numerical simulation, real-time solutions for controls integration, and experimental measurement methods to quantify body deformation during test track maneuvers.

Sound Metrics Unleashed!
Sound quality isn't just for gurus anymore! Learn about loudness, prominence ratio, sharpness, articulation index, fluctuation strength and much more.

Electric Vehicle Development
Increase battery life, vehicle performance and range!

Venue Address:
Detroit Marriott Troy
200 W Big Beaver Road
Troy, Michigan 48084
For hotel room reservation at Siemens rate, click here
Phone: 248.680.9797

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