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Intake/Exhaust performance simulation

Air intake systems as well as exhaust systems are significant noise sources, related to both the interior and exterior noise of vehicles. In regards to interior noise, both reducing noise from intake systems and tuning the sound is pivotal to optimizing passenger comfort. For exterior noise characterization, legislation for pass-by-noise forms a major concern. Join us for a webinar where we will discuss different applications for intakes and exhausts. We will highlight how the latest technologies integrated in LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics are applied to efficiently study the noise from intake and exhaust systems.

Efficiency of the process, speed, and accuracy of the solver will also be highlighted. Finally, some dedicated topics will be addressed, such as the influence of temperature and flow effects.

Topics addressed will include:

  • How to analyze the transmission loss of intake and exhaust systems
  • How different measures improve the acoustic performance of intake and exhaust systems
  • The effect of temperature, flow and perforations on the noise characteristics

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