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June 21, Energy Project Requirements Management Seminar

Never Build Out of Spec Again:
Establishing Standards for Equipment Procurement in the Oil and Gas Industries

June 21, 2018

According to IOGP, between 2010-2014, 75% of large E&P projects exceeded budget by 50%. On average, 50% of projects exceeded schedule by almost 40%. Between 2010-2014, 75% of large E&P projects exceeded budget by 50%. On average, 50% of projects exceeded schedule by almost 40%.

In this seminar, we’ll examine factors impacting project development and management that affect safety, project schedule, quality, reliability, and ultimately project costs. The ability to simplify the design and procurement process enabling delivery of projects that are safer, more efficient, and ultimately more competitive will be discussed. Another important factor is project lifecycle, where aging long term legacy projects are being transitioned to a younger workforce who will not benefit from the “tribal knowledge” that created them. Introducing standardization and governance for both new and legacy projects creates benefits across the board, affecting safety, costs, schedule, quality, and reliability.

Otto Waterlander, Senior Partner at McKinsey and Company states that “Oil companies need to innovate and shift to cost-effective operating models: supply chain reconfiguration, modular/standardization in development, production efficiency and field recovery, and digital. All these require new capabilities, amid an aging oil and gas work force, to modernize, organize and manage projects and operations.”

If you would like to see examples of the benefits of deploying a unified solution to manage the specifications and requirements process, please join us for a complimentary seminar where we’ll discuss and demonstrate how Polarion Requirements can be applied to the requirements and specification process, including verification and validation.

We will also show methods of achieving regulatory compliance.

Who Should Attend?
If you are a project manager, engineering manager, or involved in the preparation and execution of capital projects, this event will demonstrate the importance of a unified solution to manage the entire requirements management process.

Seminar location:
Siemens Houston Office
15375 Memorial Dr, Suite 700
Houston, TX 77079

8am - Noon

  • Networking/Continental Breakfast
    30 min
  • Introductions - Mike Hill
    10 min
  • State of the Industry - Bryant Hendricks 
    30 min
  • Business Impacts – Tom Behrens 
    30 min
  • Establishing Smart Specifications & Standards – Amanda Miller
    30 min
  • Siemens Unified Solution – Jim Ferranti, Polarion
    30 min
  • Q&A
    30 min

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