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Faster, More Efficient Design for Industrial Machinery

August 30th, 2017, 1pm - 2pm EST

Break down the walls between your functional groups to enable a multi-discipline process for machinery design.

In this free webinar, discover how leading companies are running growing and profitable businesses in the highly competitive and complex world of industrial machinery.

Machinery builders need to be more innovative and build more custom machines at a faster pace. They are facing several challenges:

  • The demand for shorter product delivery times
  • Increased software and electrical content
  • Increasing global competition
  • Higher demand for customized solutions

The complexity in today’s industrial machines is driven in large part by mass customization and the desire to create lot sizes of 1. Companies are gaining market share and reducing time to market by embracing a collaborative engineering approach.

Register today to see a new perspective on a collaborative approach, with faster, more efficient design.

Faster, More Efficient Design for Industrial Machinery
Faster, More Efficient Design for Industrial Machinery

Attend this free webinar for faster, more efficient design for Industrial Machinery!

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