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How to Approach Autonomous Development and Successfully Integrate Complex Hardware and Software Processes

Webinar On-demand

The creation of an autonomous vehicle is a hot topic today and many large OEMs are not far from selling their first. Building an autonomous vehicle carries significant complexity. Features and product capabilities will be constructed of groups of electrified components with embedded software and physical controls. As we move toward fully automated, or autonomous vehicles, and as electrification and embedded software evolves, companies are rushing to develop a combination of features with a complex mixture of physical components, software, and controls.

Developing autonomous features and product capabilities requires developing millions of lines of code with billions of data points, and competition requires companies to produce many differentiating and creative features. Companies managing the aftermarket product risks such as recalls, functional safety and product issues, are required to have the ability to track product detail to discover flaws, bugs, features issues, or other causes of poor product quality.

In this presentation we’ll uncover details and best practices that can shed light on how global companies can integrate complex hardware and software processes necessary to develop smart, connected products.

Specifically, we will discuss:

  • The concept of Digitization and why complicated product designs make it necessary to have a Digital Twin
  • How to create a Digital Twin and Digital Thread to manage the complexity of all moving parts
  • How the Agile software development process contributes to flexibility and speed
  • How, with an example of developing products with ALM and PLM, solutions can be mapped to make it easier
  • The value of mapping digital threads in an intelligent way and how this translates into success
  • How you can deliver a pipeline of quality, synchronized hardware, electronics and software configurations

We believe that continually mastering a digitalization strategy designed to combine disparate, disconnected, and siloed systems and processes will dramatically improve the lifecycle and market success of any product. Please join us while we take a deeper dive into some of the new and fascinating technological advances that are transforming the automotive industry.


Trey Reeser, Business Development and Software Consultant, Siemens PLM Software

As a Consultant at Siemens, Trey’s goal is to help organizations leverage collaboration software to develop products faster by aligning product, quality, customer, and regulatory requirements. Greater collaboration and transparency helps drive down risks and improve team efficiency, enabling companies to manage complex products and produce them faster. Trey is also an Adjunct Professor for the University of San Diego and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from University of Colorado and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

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