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Acoustic engineering simulation of pumps and compressors

Join this educational webinar on acoustic engineering simulation of pumps and compressors.

Sound and vibration engineering plays an important role in the design of pumps and compressors. By properly tuning the acoustic signature of your pumps and compressors you can create a market differentiator that may strongly effect the perception of quality.

This webinar addresses the challenges that acoustic engineers are confronted with designing industrial equipment to unique sound profiles or attributes. We will provide practical applications of how advanced vibro-acoustic CAE tools address acoustic engineering challenges, and examples solved with the LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics, NVH and Correlation software suites.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Vibro-acoustics numerical methods : Finite Element (FEM), Boundary Element Methods (BEM), RAY-tracing and SEA
  • How to accurately model acoustic radiation and complete system
  • Cooling fan noise: capture the aero acoustic phenomena
  • Better Noise control: acoustic shielding, encapsulation, acoustic absorption
  • Exploring and sharing results: 2D plotting, 3D plotting, directionality, ISO standards and sound quality

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