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How to use LMS Imagine. Lab Amesim for aircraft fuel design

Join us for an educational webinar on how to use LMS Imagine. Lab Amesim for aircraft fuel system design and fuel thermal management system analysis.

Today’s challenges for the aircraft industry are well-established: drastic reduction of fuel consumption, reduced time to market and increased safety and reliability. In that context, fuel systems are very tricky to design, and are required to comply with stricter and stricter regulation. Certification Dossier requires us to go over a huge amount of configurations mixing inerting capabilities, oxygen release in altitude, and temperature in tanks.

The fuel system is critical for every mission. Since fuel load can be a significant portion of the aircraft’s weight, a sufficiently strong airframe must be designed. Varying fuel loads and shifts in weight during maneuvers must not negatively affect control and dynamics of the aircraft in flight. Making the right design decisions in the early design phase is vital to the success of a project, and being able to evaluate architecture choices and system behavior of complex systems in the first design has become essential to stay in the innovation race. Implementing mechatronic system simulation tools is now mandatory, and will help engineers and program managers make educated decisions early in the process.

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