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Advanced machine engineering for industrial machinery

Duration: 60 minutes

Your business is facing competitive pressures from abroad, reduced margins, and customer demands across multiple industries for customized machines – your machines need to be designed and commissioned for mission-critical tasks as quickly as possible. We think our PLM and CAD/CAM/CAE solutions can help you address these challenges.

See how other executives have addressed these difficult challenges, and how Siemens PLM enables mission-driven machines through advanced machine engineering.

Benefits our customers have seen include:

  • Early concept and mechatronic validation
  • Concurrent multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Reduction in development time, delivery risk and costs
  • Rapid machine commissioning, resulting in higher margins

Advanced Machine Engineering effectively establishes a concurrent, multidisciplinary engineering platform, allowing the development of modular machines that can be rapidly configured and confidently assembled to meet your customers’ requirements.

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Enabling plan-to-production innovation for industrial machinery and machine tool design

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