Training and Support

Product Training

To enable you to make smarter decisions and design better products, Siemens PLM Software provides learning solutions that can improve the process of educating your staff. We have developed a training solutions tool set that provides you with faster time to value, increased productivity and lower overall implementation costs. Our commitment to a "blended solutions" approach provides our customers with a choice of training products and services that can be leveraged to fit the diverse needs of your user base.

All of our learning solutions are completely scalable, providing tools that can assess and address the training needs of a single user or the diverse requirements of an entire enterprise. Supported by a global network of training professionals, our training products are available on demand from virtually any location. Our customization services can capture and integrate your business processes and tribal knowledge into a coherent education program.

Learn more about Product Training.

Learn more about maximizing your PLM investment through e-Learning with Siemens PLM Software Learning Advantage.

Software Support

After your system is installed, your focal point for software support is the Global Technical Access Center (GTAC). The customer support center provides you with application and operating systems software support through telephone and electronic access. GTAC electronic support is available 24 x 7. GTAC telephone support is available Monday – Friday from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time in the United States and Canada and during normal business hours internationally.

GTAC is organized into support teams consisting of subject-matter experts. These teams are located in close proximity to their parallel product development groups, so they can quickly locate the path that will lead you to improved productivity. Telephone calls allow you to select the support area you need. Your call is routed by our automated call distribution system to the first available subject-matter expert in the area you selected. GTAC does not have a tiered support model. Your calls are routed directly to technical support agents who have the knowledge and skills to understand, investigate and quickly resolve problems. Phone-based support includes problem escalation and management visibility for tracking all requests – including questions, reported problems and enhancement requests.

Our online customer support provide you with instant access to:

  • Problem reporting
  • Symptom/solution database for FAQs, tips, techniques and software error listings
  • Track open issues
  • Download and upload files
  • Participate in newsgroups
  • A quarterly technical newsletter
  • Product certification information
  • E-mail subscription services for support bulletins and other critical support information

Learn more about GTAC software support.

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