What is Omneo?

Omneo is a revolutionary big data analytics platform that converts fragmented, error-filled data from across the value chain into actionable product performance intelligence. By cleansing, contextualizing, rapidly searching and analyzing your big data, Omneo unlocks the hidden insights you need to make data-driven decisions that you can trust. The Omneo big data solution rapidly reveals emerging trends in product performance which prevents costly recalls and improves customer experience.

Omneo Solution

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Design News Cover - Design's Firehose of Big Data

Design News Cover Story - Big Data Lumbers into Product Design Whether it’s simulation, visualization, or data bouncing back from ...[More]

  • Author: BillB
  • Posted: 10-02-2015

From Big Data to Smart Data - Heading for Data-Driven...

There are so many exciting big-data initiatives underway across Siemens. Siemens PLM Software's Omneo soluition provides big-data analytics as a ...[More]

  • Author: BillB
  • Posted: 10-02-2015

Digital Disruption = Opportunity

Siemens PLM recently held their annual Industry Analyst Conference in Boston. Check out the articles below to see how big ...[More]

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