Simulation-Driven Design

Faster Design-Analysis Iterations through Integrated Design Simulation Software

Simulation has proven to be a time- and cost-effective alternative to physical testing – allowing more design options to be considered in shorter time frames. Today, companies are seeking to further expand the use of simulation by bringing it forward even earlier in the design process. However, the challenges of implementing a simulation-based design strategy include the absence of an engineering environment and process that can keep pace with the design team.

NX CAE software helps facilitate simulation-driven design. Since NX CAE is based on the same platform as NX CAD, simulation capabilities easily scale with a designer’s environment and expertise level, while still providing the same trusted simulation technology used by expert analysts.

CAE Automation

Automated Processes

Automate simulation processes developed by experts in simulation methods, to guide designers through basic validation tasks.


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Design Validation

Structural Design Validation

Rapidly validate and iterate designs based on basic structural linear statics, modal or thermal analysis.


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Interference Checking

Motion-Based Packaging Studies

Quickly identify and correct interference when motion of rigid or flexible parts causes contact with surrounding components.


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Customizable User Interface

Customizable User Interface

Customize simulation capabilities to match the experience of individual users.


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