NX 10 for Manufacturing

Real solutions for manufacturing productivity

Increase your efficiency with the new capabilities in NX 10 for manufacturing. NX 10 introduces a wide range of powerful features for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), tool design, inspection programming and production layout design.

Greater control of machining strategies, higher automation of CMM programming, and streamlined tooling design enable you to deliver high-quality parts faster. The new line designer application greatly expands the capabilities of the NX for manufacturing solution.



New industry-specific capabilities in NX CAM 10 help you create programs faster and machine higher-quality parts. Precise control of cutting strategies for molds and dies, streamlined programming of prismatic features, and high-quality surface finish of complex parts can increase your overall manufacturing productivity.


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NX CMM Inspection Programming 10

NX CMM Inspection Programming

Advanced inspection programming capabilities in NX CMM 10 lets you create accurate and safe inspection paths. NX CMM can automatically create and adjust inspection paths to prevent interference with adjacent part features. Enhanced analysis capabilities let you compare multiple results sets to improve the quality of your machined parts.


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NX Tooling Design 10

Tooling Design

Enhanced capabilities in NX 10 for manufacturing help you develop high-quality tooling designs faster and more efficiently. Streamlined access to standard tooling parts, improved motion definition and simulation, new mold parting options, and other enhancements help you quickly and easily develop molds, progressive dies and stamping dies.


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Line Designer

NX 10 Manufacturing Line Designer

Design and visualize complete production line layouts with Line Designer, and associate the layout to manufacturing planning using the unified Siemens platform. You can define efficient production processes by integrating the layout design solution with manufacturing planning.


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