Aerospace and Defense Verification Management

Verification Management

Integrated Verification Management Solution

Our solution improves program performance, ensuring first-time compliance with requirements by re-using proven processes, and providing complete traceability from requirements to the product, test article and results.

Efficiently confirm that your products meet contract and market needs

Whether it is commercial aircraft development and certification or military development and qualification, increasing global competition means that aerospace and defense contractors are under pressure to win new orders and to deliver on-time and at-cost. Aerospace and defense companies must also demonstrate, in an auditable and efficient manner, that program requirements are achieved through successful test definition, planning and execution.

Successful product launches and customer acceptance requires manufacturers to verify that product requirements have been fulfilled throughout the design and development of the product. Siemens provides a unique set of tools and processes to dramatically change the way product verification is planned, executed and managed. Our solution for Verification Management allows you to achieve Program Execution Excellence, and effectively deliver consistent execution with customers and suppliers.

Our Verification Management solution provides a single, integrated environment that ensures all product verification events, whether simulation modeling and analysis or physical tests, are driven by requirements, planned and executed in the correct sequence, link the individual tests or analysis to the necessary resources, and provide full traceability.

This solution enables product teams to incorporate and compare changes across engineering and design verification, to ensure validity of processes and results and confirm achievement of requirements. With the ability to re-use verification procedures and results, Verification Management helps you reduce costs, improve product quality, and deliver programs on-time and on-budget.

The Verification Management solution, as a suite of modular tools, also allows integration of your existing tools. The fully integrated set of tools provides:

  • Requirements management
  • Change management
  • Simulation/modeling management
  • Test definition and management
  • Test schedule and resource management
  • Test article management
  • Design and test configuration management and comparison

The solution can be expanded to include computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications, physical test instrumentation and execution, electronic work instructions, coordinate measuring machine programs, and dimensional planning and validation.

The Verification Management solution enables you to:

  • Achieve product certification/acceptance on schedule and within cost through end-to-end requirements traceability, from top-level specification through design, simulation and test.
  • Achieve full system verification to requirements for complex system designs through fully integrated schedules for executing verifications, along with easy-to-use management dashboards for status and progress.
  • Execute across global programs and achieve on-time supplier delivery by coordinating verification across a global development team (OEM, partners and suppliers) through collaboration on product requirements and verification events to meet requirements while managing change throughout.
  • Easily trace the cause of a problem and solve it quickly and cost-effectively with an integrated suite of testing, analysis and reporting tools that correlate test results from virtual tests to physical tests and upstream requirements.

Additionally, Siemens PLM Software provides the verification management catalyst to accelerate customer deployment and solution productivity via a set of industry configuration components and best practice templates.

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