Program Execution Excellence

Enhancing program performance and productivity through modernization of business processes and project management technologies

Program Execution Excellence

The aerospace and defense industry continues to be an increasingly competitive market. To flourish in this global environment, you and your suppliers must deliver on cost and schedule commitments while meeting ever more demanding requirements. Too often, programs experience high design change rates when the product first enters production, and again when it enters service.

The commercial aviation backlog is at record levels, placing increased pressure on schedule performance. With tighter defense budgets, governments are shifting cost and schedule risk to the contractors, placing a premium on cost and schedule performance. Establishing and maintaining a good track record of program performance is an essential requirement for a company to win new business.

Taken together, these challenges renew the aerospace industry’s emphasis on:

  • Achieving on-schedule and at-cost product development
  • A faster ramp-up of production to meet market demands
  • A mature, flawless entry into service
  • Meeting all technical requirements the first time design is released, reducing engineering scrap and rework – improving cost and schedule performance

To successfully meet these challenges, you must improve aerospace program execution by streamlining project management and product development processes. You need to eliminate time-consuming, non-value added activities; link verification processes to simulation and test within engineering, manufacturing and procurement; and improve overall program visibility to successful verification, change management and status reporting. By creating a seamlessly integrated enterprise that links bid developers, design and manufacturing engineers, partners and suppliers, aerospace manufacturers gain higher confidence that project deliverables are met and verified for downstream payment approval.

We call this approach “Program Execution Excellence” because it empowers aerospace companies to effectively develop and manage program requirements and engage in a collaborative design, analysis, verification and manufacturing environment throughout the lifecycle of a product.

Proven Solutions to Deliver Consistent Aerospace Program Execution Excellence

Solutions for Program Execution Excellence

We offer a comprehensive set of solutions that enable you to achieve Program Execution Excellence through process standardization and repeatable best practices proven in the aerospace industry.

Our solution for Verification Management improves program performance with an integrated set of tools and processes to dramatically change the way verification is planned, executed and managed. All verification events are driven by requirements and are planned and executed in the correct sequence. The individual tests are linked to the necessary resources and you have full traceability. Additionally, Siemens PLM Software provides the verification management catalyst to accelerate customer deployment and solution productivity via a set of industry, configuration components and best practice templates.

Our aerospace and defense Product Development solution provides you with an integrated and collaborative approach for design, development, manufacturing and service for all programs. You can reduce development time and post-release changes with a common product development toolset and consistent design methods, integrated specialized engineering software, as well as extended-enterprise access to product data and design applications.

By managing manufacturing planning and production execution with our Product Realization solution, you can more effectively hit your targets while controlling manufacturing costs. Planning and visualization capabilities allow manufacturing engineering to influence the design process earlier. Process simulation and analysis lower costs associated with shop floor ergonomic issues. Connecting PLM to production improves operational efficiency via more effective communication with the shop floor.

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