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  1. Matica Technologies Group Case Study

    Matica Technologies eliminates duplication by using integrated
    environment powered by Siemens PLM Software solutions.

    46k |
  2. Addition Manufacturing Technologies Case Study

    Addition Manufacturing Technologies reduces design-
    tomanufacturing time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

    42k |
  3. DiaCom Case Study

    DiaCom targets new markets demanding higher levels of
    technology for its complex molded diaphragms.

    43k |
  4. AMK Drives and Controls Case Study

    Siemens PLM software solution enables AMK Drives and Controls to
    enhance competitiveness and improve productivity.

    41k |
  5. Kässbohrer Transport Technik Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solutions help Kässbohrer Transport Technik maintain
    leadership role through improved design and multiphysics strength analysis

    46k |
  6. Sparkonix Case Study

    Sparkonix implements PDM quickly to help designers significantly decrease
    time spent searching for storing and retrieving data.

    45k |
  7. Ross Robotics Case Study

    Solid Edge supports the creative process of exploration and experimentation.

    45k |
  8. Volgograd Manufacturing Company Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software technology enables Volgograd Manufacturing
    Company to meet demanding project deadlines.

    45k |
  9. Compuplast Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solutions enable Compuplast to improve digital best
    practices, including receiving and editing multiple data formats.

    42k |
  10. John Harder & Company Case Study

    CAD with embedded simulation provides fast and accurate job quotes.

    43k |
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