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  1. WP Performance Systems Case Study

    Using a digital twin helps WP secure the company's future as a leading
    supplier of radiators for motorcycles and cars.

    44k |
  2. Magneti Marelli Case Study

    Magneti Marelli uses Siemens PLM Software solution
    to optimize fuel injection systems.

    44k |
  3. Weichai Power (Teamcenter) Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solution enables Weichai Power to enhance
    competitiveness and maintain sustainable development.

    47k |
  4. Red Bull Racing Case Study

    With Siemens PLM Software solutions, Red Bull Racing achieves
    winning collaboration, efficiency and speed.

    50k |
  5. 3M China Case Study

    3M China provides automotive OEMs around the world with soundproof
    materials that build lighter, more fuel efficient, and quieter vehicles.

    45k |
  6. Guangzhou MINO Case Study

    MINO exchanges data and collaborates with automakers throughout the
    planning, simulation and commissioning stages, reducing project cycles by ...

    45k |
  7. SKS Toijala Works Case Study

    Performance and productivity requirements drive new product development.

    45k |
  8. BYD Auto Company Limited Case Study

    LMS Engineering services helps leading Chinese new energy
    automotive manufacturer boost hybrid NVH performance.

    46k |
  9. Banner Case Study

    Verifying restructuring plans for production facilities using a digital twin helps
    Banner secure the company's future as a leading supplier.

    45k |
  10. Weichai Power Case Study

    Weichai Power applies Siemens PLM Software's LMS
    technology to diesel engine NVH development.

    48k |
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