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Addressing extremely complex, fast turnaround mold design

Millennium Mold Design

Millennium Mold Design, Inc. answers the need of local mold makers


The lack of a quality local source for mold designs rendered with NX™ software in the area of McHenry, Illinois, United States presented David Quinn with a clear market opportunity. In 1998, Quinn filled that need by founding Millennium Mold Design, Inc. (MMDI). When he decided to go out on his own, Quinn knew that having the right technology was crucial.

Quality service is the key to success

Prior to forming Millennium Mold Design, Inc. (MMDI), David Quinn had amassed 13 years of experience as a mold designer for area mold makers. “Part of my job used to be buying the services that MMDI now provides,” Quinn says. “Very few shops were good at it. What’s more, no one in the area was doing mold design with full 3D associativity.” Having been an NX user since 1988, the choice of software solutions for Quinn’s new company was, as he had said, “a no-brainer.” Quinn feels that success boils down to service. MMDI goes after the jobs that mold makers don’t want to do on the inside. Jobs that are extremely complex – multi-cavity, multi-action molds, for example. Jobs that have to be turned around in a hurry. Great customer service brings MMDI repeat business because it has the tools and the expertise to quickly perform difficult work with precision.

Automated process enables design focus

“I took one look at NX Mold Wizard during an NX Users Group meeting and signed up for it at the end of the presentation,” Quinn says. “Mold Wizard has automated so much of the mold design process, walking you through a series of discrete steps. For an inexperienced designer, it’s like having someone looking over your shoulder who tells you the next thing you need to do. And for someone with a lot of experience, it relieves much of the tedium, so you can concentrate on designing instead of operating a piece of software.”

NX Mold Wizard provides complete accuracy, doubles productivity

Mold designers face twin challenges – requirements for increasingly complex geometry and demand for ever-shortening deadlines. With Mold Wizard, MMDI is meeting those challenges. MMDI’s excellent track record in designing difficult molds with 100 percent accuracy is resulting in repeat business.The company continues to enhance its reputation as the supplier to handle “difficult jobs that are due yesterday.” Quinn notes that among advantages,“With Mold Wizard, we've been able to double our productivity without adding people or equipment.”

The “go-to” supplier

Millennium Mold Design, Inc. has used NX Mold Wizard to double its productivity without adding people or equipment, and to enhance the company’s reputation in the area as the “go-to” supplier for difficult jobs with short turnaround time.

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