NX 10 for Simulation

Solve Complex Problems Faster with Advanced 3D Simulation

NX CAE is a modern simulation environment for performing structural, thermal, flow, motion, multiphysics and optimization analyses. Available either as a standalone solver or integrated in NX CAE, NX Nastran is the premier finite element analysis (FEA) solver for computational performance, accuracy, reliability and scalability. NX 10 for Simulation introduces new capabilities and enhancements in both NX CAE and NX Nastran, to help you solve the most complex problems faster.


Simulation - NX CAE 10

NX CAE 10 introduces new capabilities for 1-way and 2-way thermal-structural coupling, fluid analysis, and acoustic and vibro-acoustic simulation. Adaptive meshing in NX CAE 10 provides greater accuracy in structural, thermal and multiphysics solutions. You also have access to the LMS Samcef solvers to simulate complex, nonlinear phenomena in composites.


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NX Nastran 10

NX Nastran 10

New capabilities in NX Nastran 10 increase solution speed and extend structural solutions. Parallel processing using less costly GPUs helps speed solution time, and large-scale parameter optimization helps you with solutions with a large number of design variables. NX Nastran 10 also includes application-specific solutions for rotor dynamics and composites.


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