NX 10 for Design

Fast and Efficient Computer-Aided Design Software

NX 10 for Design accelerates and streamlines computer-aided design (CAD) with new and enhanced capabilities, from concept design through detailed engineering and documentation. The latest release introduces a new NX layout environment, extensions to freeform design tools and synchronous modeling, improvements in drafting and documentation, new industry-specific design capabilities, and touch-enabled user interaction that makes the power of NX available anywhere.

Accelerate Concept Design with NX Layout

Accelerate Concept Design with 2D Layout

The new NX Layout capability in NX 10 for Design helps you to quickly capture, explore and iterate design concepts in 2D. The designs you create in NX Layout are parametric sketches that can be quickly transferred to an assembly structure for modeling in 3D. With the same familiar interface and commands as NX and NX drafting, as well as utilization of the NX Reuse Library, NX Layout minimizes learning time while increasing productivity.

Faster Freeform Modeling with NX Realize Shape

Faster Freeform Modeling with NX Realize Shape

NX Realize Shape, the freeform shaping capability based on subdivision modeling technology, has been extended in NX 10 to give you with more speed and control. A broad range of new geometry creation, editing and selection tools provide more flexibility and greater productivity for creating complex freeform models.

Greater Design Flexibility with Synchronous Technology

NX 10 streamlines feature-based modeling with new capabilities for feature patterning; face and edge blending; surface filling; and geometry trimming, extending and wrapping. Synchronous technology for 2D has been enhanced in NX 10 to give you more ways to clean up, modify and re-use 2D data from any source.

More Efficient Documentation and Drafting

More Efficient Documentation and Drafting

NX 10 simplifies workflows and improves efficiency in drafting and 3D annotation with product and manufacturing information (PMI). Many customer-driven enhancements are focused on giving you greater control and simplified interaction in dimension creation and editing, as well as placing annotations on drawings and 3D models. You can now create PMI annotations on model data in CAD-neutral JT files, and more easily create drawings that comply with international drafting standards.

Full-Cycle Design Productivity

Full-Cycle Design Productivity

NX 10 for Design provides greater speed and flexibility with industry-specific design tools and new user interaction options. Aerospace-specific design tasks can leverage new capabilities for creating flanges, ribs, shelves and steps that simplify and accelerate modeling of airframes and aerospace skins. A new touch-enabled interface provides intuitive methods for operating NX with touchscreens, making the power of NX available anywhere.

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