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Supplier Integration

Collaborate with your global supply chain to increase productivity and reduce risk

Supplier integration is critical to success in today’s market. Increased complexity and compressed production cycles are driving products that are designed and validated by globally dispersed teams, including suppliers. As your suppliers assume more responsibility for greater portions of your products, you need them to interact with people across your business, such as purchasing, engineering, compliance, quality, and manufacturing, to increase productivity and reduce the risk of recalls and non-compliance.

Teamcenter supplier integration capabilities – such as a supplier collaboration portal, vendor management, and design data exchange – provide a comprehensive approach to managing interactions with suppliers. You can coordinate processes and manage information, both internal and external, across all stages of your product lifecycle. You can drive early supplier involvement in product development and provide visibility into accurate supplier information across departments. Supplier information can be managed in context with the product structure to provide holistic views of your product. You can make better decisions about purchased components and have access to reliable supplier analytics.

Optimized Supplier Collaboration throughout the Supply Chain

Secure Supplier Integration with Your Teamcenter Environment

With Teamcenter supplier collaboration, you can extend your product lifecycle management (PLM) processes and data to your non-Teamcenter suppliers efficiently through real process integration. You can collaborate with your suppliers through interactions including design data exchange, direct materials sourcing and supplier program management, all using the same PLM supplier collaboration foundation. Collaborating with your extended supplier teams is made easy with an intuitive supplier portal to receive requests and submit responses, and a cloud-ready framework for ease of deployment.

Efficient and Secure Design Data Exchange

Efficient and Secure Design Data Exchange

Supplier collaboration for design data exchange with your non-Teamcenter suppliers provides you with an efficient, secure, and scalable supplier integration solution for exchanging product data. As a “sponsor” in Teamcenter, you can create packages of information to share with your suppliers (including CAD designs, specifications, JT files, etc.), and then initiate an exchange process with them. Your suppliers use a secure web portal to receive requests and exchange packages from you, and they can use the same portal to upload and submit responses back to you. The Teamcenter data share manager, accessed through the portal, simplifies the upload and download of large files. The briefcase browser enables suppliers to browse through compressed CAD files and open the files in their native CAD systems, where the CAD files can be modified and saved back to the briefcase browser. Traceability, audit and version control enable efficient, effective and transparent process execution, ensuring that you and your suppliers are working with the right data.

Decrease Costs and Cycle Times with Direct Materials Sourcing

Decrease Costs and Cycle Times with Direct Materials Sourcing

Direct materials sourcing provides a platform for enabling efficient early bidding processes featuring RFx (request for information, proposal or quotation) template authoring, controlled processes for event management, automatic tracking and communication, detailed cost breakdowns, bid analysis and award nominations, etc. Authorized bidders can receive and access bid requests bundled together with part specifications, reference data and instructions using a secure supplier portal. Bidders can then use the supplier portal to submit their responses back to you in Teamcenter. With direct materials sourcing in Teamcenter, you can understand cost drivers early in the product lifecycle and understand supply chain impact before changes are approved.

Extend PLM Projects with Supplier Program Management

Extend PLM Projects with Supplier Program Management

With supplier program management, you can plan and execute supplier projects within the context of an overall program. This provides visibility into and traceability of supplier deliverables, to reduce your cycle times and shorten time-to-market. You can initiate data sharing from Teamcenter task workflows and assign tasks to suppliers who are not internal Teamcenter users. Your suppliers receive notification of task requests through a secure supplier portal, which include instructions and reference data, and they can respond to the requests by uploading and submitting their deliverables. After approval, incoming deliverables from suppliers can then be aggregated to the product definition in Teamcenter.

Best Practice with Supplier Connect and Supplier Collaboration

Best Practice with Supplier Connect and Supplier Collaboration

Working with our partner Atos and their Supplier Connect solution based on Teamcenter Supplier Collaboration, you can leverage Atos’ expertise as a business technology integrator together with our global leadership in PLM software. With Supplier Connect, you can integrate insight, intelligence and operations more effectively and completely – at every phase – with your suppliers. Supplier Connect enables you to achieve best practices easily, seamlessly and quickly through simplified set-up with customized consulting and service offerings, effective business support, secure usage and operations and a technology framework including leading software components.

Secure Supplier Integration with Your Teamcenter Environment

Supplier Collaboration for Non-Teamcenter Suppliers

Teamcenter supplier integration enables close collaboration with suppliers who have authorized access to your Teamcenter environment. Using multiple Teamcenter clients, multi-site collaboration and lifecycle visualization, you can selectively share and synchronize supplier data, all within a secure, controlled PLM environment. Teamcenter can help you and your suppliers make better decisions and increase productivity across engineering, procurement and compliance.

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