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Product Capabilities for Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering Capabilities

The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order product line from Siemens allows Manufacturing to influence the design of products at the point of design creation, and even quotation. Rulestream ETO Engineer incorporates the rules of manufacturability into the Sales and Engineering processes upstream, taking advantage of often overlooked capabilities and enforcing constraints from the outset, resulting in cleaner orders with fewer errors. Highly detailed 3D models, drawings, BOMs, and routings can be produced at the time of the sale so that higher fidelity estimates of manufacturing cost can be generated. The cost and lead-times typically associated with custom orders are significantly decreased because engineering and manufacturing documentation is automatically generated, including in-process drawings, EBOMs, MBOMs, routings, and tool and fixture designs. Changes in manufacturing capabilities, including new machines, tools and other enhancements can be easily added to the system, so the entire enterprise operates based on the true, up-to-the-minute capabilities of the shop floor. Design-for-manufacturability rules execute alongside traditional engineering rules when building an optimal design for each order, ensuring manufacturing can easily build what has been quoted and designed.

Generate Routings, MBOMs and Work Instructions

Rulestream ETO Engineer automatically generates a report that describes the flow of a product through a manufacturing facility. In the sales cycle this allows a sales rep to accurately quote delivery time and manufacturing costs. For manufacturing it allows an organization to better utilize their facilities and increase visibility of orders moving through their organization.

Automatically Feeds Data into CAM

Rulestream ETO Engineer automatically feeds models and data into CAM systems to provide for expedient generation of NC programs.

Generates Tool & Fixture Geometry & Drawings

From the parts that are needed to fulfill an order, Rulestream ETO Engineer automatically generates tool & fixture geometry and drawings.

Integrates with ERP, MRP and MES Systems

Rulestream ETO Engineer integrates with MRP and MES systems to electronically pass item master information, product structure (BOMs) and all other data and documents into these systems, driving efficiency and eliminating any chance of data entry errors.

Handle Multiple Factory Locations

Rules with factory-specific capabilities and limitations can easily be incorporated into the Rulestream ETO Engineer to allow targeting at order-prep time for any specific factory.

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