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JT Open Program Members - Why Join

Why Should I Join?

JT Open is a influential, collaborative community of users, software vendors, and interested parties spanning the product lifecycle management value chain who, through an open distribution of the JT Open Toolkit technology under a level playing field business model, are able to share 3D data for the purposes of visualization, collaboration and data-sharing.

JT Open is open to any organization that is interested in tapping into the JT pipeline. This includes software vendors who wish to develop JT-enabled applications for sale to other member companies as well as companies that have integrated JT or wish to make JT a standard part of their business processes. Benefits of membership include:

For corporate members:

Gain access to a wide range of JT-enabled applications to leverage the value of a common format and maximize leverage of existing investments in applications like ERP, SFA, Factory floor management and maintenance management

Mix and match the best applications offered by independent software vendors for their business process with no concerns about data compatibility

  • By design, JT Open will drive cost of applications that use JT to a minimum

  • A direct and strong voice in the future of JT technology

  • Promote the process and cost benefits of using a common data format for visualization, collaboration and data-sharing

For software vendor members:

  • Level playing field access to the JT Open Toolkit

  • A direct and strong voice in the future of JT technology

  • Low entry fees into the JT market

  • A well supported and well documented development kit

For academic members:

Professors from JT Open Academic Members are allowed to attend In-Class Training at Siemens PLM Software Training Facilities on an as available seating basis just as with the other Academic Programs. The institution request should be submitted to the GSP Office for verification and approval. Courseware developed by other JT Open Academic Members is also available on request


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