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Geolus Search Demos

Geolus Search - A 3D Geometry Search Engine With Real Benefits

If You Know Two Parts are Similar a World of Possibilities Opens!

Geolus Search: Shape Search

Procurement is tasked to acquire a part that has been documented by Engineering. Procurement use Shape Search to determine if there are similar parts. The purchase history of similar parts enables Procurement to:

  • Recognize a repeat purchase if there is an exact match
  • Suggest a supplier
  • Predict the price of the new part
  • Suggest alternatives if close enough shape matches exist

Each of the above actions is based on records associated with parts. Identifying those parts is a critical step to gathering the information. Traditional search is based on keyword. When parts are inconsistently named the only way to find all the similar ones is by adding shape as search criteria. This is a procurement example. The steps are applicable to many other aspects of business around 3D intellectual property:

  • Shape Search finds all the similar parts no matter how they have been named
  • The data associated with those parts is a targeted data set that supports decision making
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