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LMS Virtual.Lab Motion

Multibody modeling software for fast and accurate motion simulation of complex mechatronic systems

Manufacturers are pressured to deliver more complex products with increased quality in shorter development times. Engineering the performance of mechanical designs with traditional test-based development processes is no longer an option; the only valid alternative is evaluating functional performance attributes on a virtual prototype. Using multibody modeling software, LMS Virtual.Lab Motion enables effective analysis and real-life performance optimization of mechanical and mechatronic systems before physical testing. Furthermore, motion simulation results can be seamlessly reused to drive subsequent analysis in LMS Virtual.Lab allowing you to perform concurrent cross-attribute optimization.

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion is specifically designed to:

  • Assess real-life behavior of complex mechatronic systems
  • Quickly create and analyze multibody models, also from any existing CAD and FEA models
  • Predict realistic motion and mechanical system loads
  • Optimize mechanical system performance before prototype testing

Multibody Dynamic Motion

Multibody Modeling Software for Dynamic Motion

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion is an integrated multibody solution to model, simulate and analyze realistic dynamic motion of any mechanical system. The multibody modeling software helps you analyze and optimize the real-world mechanical design behavior in order to guarantee optimal performance before committing to physical prototype testing.


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Nonlinear Flexible Bodies

Nonlinear Flexible Bodies Simulation

The LMS Virtual.Lab Nonlinear Flex Body Solver, powered by LMS Samcef Nonlinear Motion, accurately predicts the nonlinear behavior of flexible bodies such as large deformations by integrating the equations of motion of a multibody model with nonlinear flexible body analysis.


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Real-time Solver

Real-time Solver for Motion Simulation

The LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Real-time Solver enables real-time simulation of detailed, high fidelity multibody models for more reliable hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) tests and driving/flight simulator applications.


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Motion for Driving Dynamics

Driving Dynamics Motion

LMS Virtual.Lab Driving Dynamics is a dedicated tool for template-based modeling and simulation of suspension and full-vehicle assemblies, specifically designed for fast evaluation of suspensions elasto-kinematics and vehicle ride and handling performance.


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Motion Composer

Motion Composer

One of the current challenges in the CAE process is to maximize productivity through easy-to-learn and intuitive interfaces. LMS Virtual.Lab Composer helps you create verticals, or dedicated applications, to capture your simulation processes and practices.


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Motion TWR

Motion TWR

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion TWR allows you to apply any set of measured signals, such as wheel forces or accelerations, as input to multibody models for durability analysis in an early development phase.


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Powertrain Motion

Powertrain Motion

LMS Virtual.Lab Powertrain Motion is a complete, integrated solution to simulate complex dynamic engine behavior for accurate performance assessment. With dedicated powertrain modeling templates, you can quickly build detailed multibody models of full powertrain assemblies or specific subsystems.


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Motion Options

Multibody Modeling Software Options

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion product line includes multibody modeling software options for specific products: CAD interfaces, solver options, flexible components, engine components, suspension and full-vehicle applications, tire modeling and controls.


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