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Case Study

Innovative product designs that keep manufacturing in mind

DuvedeC Europe BV

NX ease of use and advanced styling functionality permit creativity that’s balanced by real-word production constraints

Designing for cost-effective producibility

DuvedeC Europe BV (the abbreviation stands for DutchVehicle Development Centre) is an engineering company specializing in product development for the automotive, consumer electronics and retail sectors. The company is part of the TRS Group, which also includes Sailer Sittard BV and Protomation BV. DuvedeC’s recent projects include the design of a hybrid bus (similar to the Phileas bus in Eindhoven) for the cities of Douai, France and Istanbul,Turkey, as well as interior parts for cars and buses, to name a few.

DuvedeC markets itself as a full-service engineering company. For a number of customers,DuvedeC works from concept all the way to product launch. Product development therefore always takes place with a view to cost-effective producibility.“Time,money and technology – all this belongs together and constitutes the basic principles for us,” says Lau Reijnen, general manager,DuvedeC Europe BV.

“DuvedeC works in the automotive sector for both the OEMs and the Tier 1 suppliers,” Reijnen continues.“Increasingly in this sector suppliers such as ourselves are required to comply with the customer’s infrastructure, including the design system. For us, this means that we have the NX™ digital product development system from Siemens PLM Software for projects that we carry out in the Eindhoven area. Here NX has turned out to be particularly successful.”

Digital presentations enhance understanding

Not all of DuvedeC’s customers are located in or around Eindhoven. It also does business with companies all over Europe. As a result,DuvedeC also uses other customer-specific applications. “As far as we are concerned, the successful use of a CAD/CAE application is determined by its method of operation and userfriendliness,” explains Reijnen.“Roughly speaking, the modern applications are all based on similar methodologies. The difference lies in the way the functionality is made available. And in this respect NX scores high, as our people use it with pleasure.”

DuvedeC carries out projects involving both conceptual design and product design.“We have the complete version of NX including the advanced styling functionality,which we use extensively,” Reijnen continues.“The 3D styling studies, digital mockups and virtual product presentations are important tools that help us present concepts to the customer. The insight reached is far deeper than any paper-based communication and saves time compared to physical models.”

Product engineering is the phase where a design is translated into the practical execution to ensure the desired physical properties and producibility. In most cases, DuvedeC is also in charge of preparing production, including the necessary tools.“It is essential for us to incorporate production knowledge in the design stage,” says Reijnen.

Chosen for design expertise

Some of DuvedeC’s customers specify only legal statutory regulations, standards and rules for the product while others provide a complete technical specification. The latter is becoming less common. “We see more situations where customers make use of our expertise and allow us a large amount of freedom in the design process,” Reijnen adds.“This suits us well.”

“It is crucial for project engineers to get the most out of the software and to attain their design goals efficiently,” he continues.“At the end of the day, the model is our main product. The design must be of high quality, putting forward our expertise.”

The CAD model supplied to the customer is entirely functional and includes 2D drawings. Production-related data is created in consultation with the customer and manufacturer and approved by all parties concerned.“Customers appreciate it when we take on project management and ensure that everything runs smoothly with the network of suppliers,” Reijnen adds. "Even though customers are involved in everything, they are relieved from the actual activities. This fits perfectly with our objective to offer our clients full service from the start to the end of a project.”

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