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Case Study

Fully parametric, fully 3D mold design

Diseño Tecnológico Avanzado del Molde, S.L. (DITECAM)

Advanced design process, which includes knowledge re-use, helps young company compete

Dedicated to molds

Diseño Tecnológico Avanzado del Molde, S.L. (DITECAM) is a young company (founded in April 2001) dedicated to manufacturing molds for thermoplastics injection and non-ferrous alloys. The company works directly on tempered steels up to 60 HRC, with a maximum size of one cubic meter. Its customers are involved in a variety of industries including sanitary installations, electronics, telecommunications, furnishings and technical parts. DITECAM uses Kondia and Mikron high-performance machining centers, EDM equipment from Charmilles, and CNC machines from Erowa Technologies.

From their prior experience at other companies, DITECAM’s founding partners were clear that NX® software from Siemens PLM Software was the best design solution for their new company’s needs. Among the many reasons for choosing NX, they point to its very good management of large assemblies; tight integration of solids and surfaces; optimum management of parametric designs; the WAVE technology for affiliation between parts; the ease of creating documentation; and the openness, scalability and configurability of the product. They valued NX as a high-end CAD/CAM tool with a considerable presence in the market, good support, and a guaranteed future – available at an affordable cost for small and medium businesses.

Fully parametric, fully 3D

Since implementing NX, DITECAM has been creating parametric designs in three dimensions, including documentation, on all of its projects. Following an initial training course, designers became productive in one month, using NX in the entire process of designing and manufacturing molds.

Thanks to the use of fully parametric design, standard libraries, and re-use of engineering information, DITECAM has been able to reduce the mold design process for assemblies of standard parts (plates, columns, accessories, and so on) by between 50 percent and 70 percent. When designing parts for samples, the use of NX and parametric design has enabled the company to reduce redesign time. In cases where customers request modifications, redesign time has been reduced by up to 90 percent.

Complete design in 3D of all mold components has made it possible to perform earlier verifications of functionality, helping eliminate later assembly errors. It also allows customers to check molds prior to the manufacture of their parts. This permits the rapid incorporation of suggestions, changes and personalized details.

Good support leads to future enhancements

Following the success achieved in the areas of design and manufacturing, DITECAM is now in the process of implementing PDM, with the goal of achieving ISO 9000 certification.

In all of this, the constant support provided by DECOM Soluciones Informáticas has been very important to DITECAM. DECOM, a Siemens PLM Software distributor, was involved with the implementation of NX and user training at DITECAM. DECOM also keeps DITECAM informed about developments in CAD/CAM and related technologies, something DITECOM greatly appreciates because it helps the company stay up to date.

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